Senior Academy in onze regio gelanceerd!

Dit jaar start de Rugby Academy ZuidWest met de pilot Senior Academy ZuidWest.

Voor spelers van 18 jaar en ouder met ambitie om in ereklasse teams of internationale rugbyteams te gaan spelen. Waarom dit initiatief?
Omdat wij denken dat er nog een schakel ontbreekt in het opleidingsnetwerk voor toprugby in ons land.

Phil Leck, onze hoofdcoach en technisch directeur legt het als volgt uit;

“We are starting a new initiative and opportunity for players to train with the newly formed RAZW Senior academy.
We have analysed our player retention and requirements and have found that a majority of players who have been used to training four times a week with the academies find that moving into senior rugby where training is generally twice a week is not enough for them.
As such we are trying to fill that gap with a pilot scheme which will run on a Monday night and then possibly on a Wednesday also at our training ground at Laan van Poot in Den Haag. This is a scheme fully supported and in conjunction with Rugby Netherland and is a pilot to try to introduce regional high quality coaching and delivery to 18yr old + players wanting to increase their skills and knowledge of the game. Our coaching staff will include Level 4 and level 3 international coaches with experience in professional, National and Ereklasse rugby to deliver the highest possible levels of education to our students.
 This type of program is being explored in several academy areas by Rugby Netherlands and is specifically aimed at those players unable or unwilling to further their rugby by moving to Amsterdam and joining the NTC program”

Voor meer informatie kunt u mailen naar Phil Leck,

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